An incredible discount on the Urbanglide electric scooter at Cdiscount!

An incredible discount on the Urbanglide electric scooter at Cdiscount!

Are you looking for a high-performance electric scooter at a reduced price? You will find your happiness on Cdiscount! This e-commerce giant offers a quality scooter model less than 300 euros. Which is timely with the arrival of Christmas.

On the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations, Cdiscount is therefore offering an incredible reduction on the Urbanglide electric scooter, equipped with 10-inch wheels. This model is one of the strongest of the brand. It can easily overcome all kinds of obstacles on the road.

A considerable reduction on the price of the Urbanglide electric scooter

The reduction on this scooter with 10-inch wheels is very attractive. On the e-merchant’s site, the old price of this item is displayed at 505 euros. It now goes to 279.99 eurosto the delight of fans of this practical, eco-friendly and inexpensive means of transport.

For this small sum, you will have a scooter with a 350 W motor. However, what is criticized for this model is its autonomy which is quite average. It should however be remembered that the French brand Urbanglide is gaining more and more notoriety. At this price, it is difficult to find a better model on the market.

A model that stands out from the rest

At a time when most electric scooters on the market have 8.5-inch tires, Urbanglide is launching a 10-inch model. Needless to say, this represents a competitive advantage for the brand. These tires offer better stability, impeccable handling and a reduced risk of punctures.

As for the engine of the Urbanglide on sale, it remains quite basic with its power of 350 W. Also, the weight of this electric scooter is a major asset. With its 14.8 kg, moving it is very practical. Side autonomy, Urbanglide did not hit hard. The brand has a range of 30km / h, which means that you can expect to travel between 25 and 20 km only. Enough, however, for short daily trips or a long walk around town.

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