Amnesia: The Bunker plays Alien Isolation in a terrifying trailer

Amnesia: The Bunker plays Alien Isolation in a terrifying trailer

After recent gossip, Amnesia announces a new chapter in its horror saga.

While the third opus, Amnesia: Rebirth, is not so far away, Frictional Games announces the arrival of a new game even more frightening than the old ones.

Amnesia: The Bunker promises to be creepy as hell

The studio has just announced the upcoming arrival ofAmnesia: The Bunkera new game is its flagship series which had shaken up the codes of horror with The Dark Descent in 2010. After three episodes and a compilation, the saga will therefore return from 2023 to chill our blood.

This new episode already promises to be terrifying and will borrow a lot from Alien Isolation, minus the space station. Understand by this that the software will indeed happen with its feet on the ground, but that we will be constantly hunted down and harassed by a creature much more powerful than us, like Ripley in the Creative Assembly game. We also note the presence of a weapon to defend oneself, even if the ammunition is obviously very rare, a first for the series.

At first glance, the atmosphere seems extremely claustrophobic and the studio is once again betting on the fear of the dark. When we know the liabilities of the series, we can also expect that mental health will once again have an important role.

Amnesia: The Bunker is scheduled for March 2023 on PS5, Xbox SeriesPC, PS4 and Xbox One but still has no specific date.

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