Amin sur Arte: who is Moustapha Mbengue, the revelation of the film?


If Emmanuelle Devos is the big star of “Amin”, Moustapha Mbengue is the real hero of the film since the title of the feature film is that of his character. But who is this imposing boy who is here playing his first important role in the cinema?

Amin: between love stories and immigration

Used to films dealing with identity and immigration (Fatima, his previous film won three Cesars), Philippe Faucon does it again with Amin in 2018. With this feature film, the director intends this time to evoke the theme of the uprooting that many immigrants can experience in their new land of welcome. This is why his story is geographically articulated between Senegal and France.

Like with Fatima, the film will be presented in Cannes, at the Directors’ Fortnight. He will achieve great success.

Amin So follows the character of Amin Sow (Moustapha Mbengue) who leaves Senegal to work in France, leaving his wife Aïcha (Marème N’Diaye) and their three children in the country. In his new host country, the man thinks only of work and sending money to support his family. In addition, he sees her very little (once or twice a year). His daily life will then be upset by his meeting with Gabrielle (Emmanuelle Devos), a French. A bond will be tied between them, throwing Amin in a complex situation.

Amin © Istiqlal Films

Moustapha Mbengue: the actor-musician

Originally from Senegal, Moustapha Mbengue began his artistic career, not as an actor, but as a musician. This is how in Dakar, he created a music group called Africa Djembé, which will be successful. and which will allow them to give several concerts in France.

This trip to France will also allow him to obtain a small role in 1996, in The whims of a river (directed by Bernard Giraudeau). Subsequently, he will settle in Italy, where he will get married and continue his activities as an actor (he will play in several Italian television series) and musician (he will continue to practice the djembe in other groups, composed mainly of Senegalese immigrants).

Having his own YouTube channel, he was then spotted by Philippe Faucon who hired him in his new film. Amin. The actor’s performance will blow away the critics, and allow the latter to truly begin his acting career.

Moustapha Mbengue will also be part of the film’s cast The Five Devils (with Adèle Exarchopoulos), which should be released later this year.

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