American Horror Story: Which Season Did Sarah Paulson Hate?


Since its launch in 2011, “American Horror Story” has always been able to count on its flagship actress: Sarah Paulson. Indeed, except season 9, the actress has played in all seasons of “American Horror Story”. And there is one, in particular, that she did not carry in her heart.

From TV to Hollywood

If she is today one of the most popular actresses of the small screen thanks to American Horror Story, Sarah Paulson has come a long way. Indeed, the actress has accumulated television failures, appearing briefly in a few shows or playing in quickly canceled series. Despite her undeniable talent, the actress still does not break through.

In the meantime, in 2003 she met Ryan Murphy who made her play in an episode of Nip / Tuck. Five years later, the showrunner gives him a role in his new series, Pretty / Handsome. Only, the show is not ordered. This is however only postponed since in 2011, Murphy hired him in the first season ofAmerican Horror Story. Thanks to the success of the series, Sarah Paulson’s career is finally launched.

SinceAHS is an anthology, the actress returned in each season to play a different role. Whether she’s a medium, journalist, witch, Siamese sister or junkie, the actress bursts the screen every time. Indeed, her intense performances are regularly praised, which makes her one of the star actresses of the show since her debut (with Evan Peters). Become one of the privileged actresses of Ryan Murphy, she collaborates again with him, on his following series: American Crime Story (for which she receives a Golden Globe), Feud or even Ratched. Likewise, his television notoriety allows him to participate in important film projects such as Pentagon Papers, Oceans’8 or even Glass.

A season to forget, according to Sarah Paulson

Now co-producer ofAmerican Horror Story (she should even direct some episodes of her spin-off American Horror Stories), Sarah Paulson is a fine connoisseur of the series. And although she is an absolute fan of the show, there is one season that she cannot stand: Season 6. Entitled Roanoke, this 6th season sees the actress playing three different characters. If this season 6 was somewhat innovative with its meta discourse and its denunciation of the excesses of reality TV, she was not the fan favorite.

American Horror Story © FX

And this is not the case for Sarah Paulson either., who reversed his stake in Roanoke during an interview with the podcast Chatter Awards of the magazine The Hollywood Reporter :

I don’t like this season. I know people are going to get mad at me for saying this, but this was the first project I joined, after I finished playing Marcia Clark in American Crime Story. I was so disappointed with the whole experience, as I felt like I had stepped into a new place inside of myself in terms of what I thought was possible, and in terms of what I might be ready to do. I felt trapped by my responsibilities and my contractual obligations to do American Horror Story (…) As much, it is my house and I have always loved it, it was the first time that I would have liked to be able to go see Ryan to say to him: “Please let me pass my turn for this time. “

We will find Sarah Paulson in the tenth season ofAmerican Horror Story titled Double Feature, which will debut August 25 on FX.

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