American Horror Stories: first trailer for the American Horror Story spin-off


While the tenth season of “American Horror Story” is expected very soon, the first trailer for its spin-off is finally unveiled. A particularly enigmatic trailer, and full of references to its mother series.

The Ryan Murphy Show

When we talk about the great showrunners of American television, we can only think of Ryan Murphy. Indeed, the latter reigns at the top of many series that he has either created or produced. American Horror Story is, of course, one of them. Launched in 2011, this horror series relaunched the anthological format which was no longer so selling in previous years. Today, many shows were inspired byAmerican Horror Story and have also achieved great success. We think in particular of the anthology The Haunting of.

AlthoughAHS is still the flagship series of the FX chain, Ryan Murphy knows his concept is starting to run out of steam. So he started a spin-off titled American Horror Stories, which sees a different plot on each episode (and not on each season, as is the case with its parent series), in the manner of Black mirror or even Tales from the Crypt. Additionally, the spin-off series could appeal to its recurring cast ofAmerican Story such as Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters.

Nods to AHS

This first trailer does not tell us much about the different plots that await us. However, references to American Horror Story are indeed present. This can also be seen in the trailer since we find the Murder House, macabre place of the first season of the anthology. Also, this teaser shows a female character entirely covered in a black rubber jumpsuit, which is reminiscent of the outfit worn by one of the characters in that same season. The rest of the trailer briefly introduces us to various characters and bizarre creatures which should once again frighten viewers.

American Horror Stories © FX

As for the cast, it recently revealed itself with the presence of Kevin McHale (Glee), Dyllón Burnside (Pose), Charles Melton (Riverdale) and Nico Greetham (The Prom).

American Horror Stories will debut on July 15. A nice appetizer before the tenth season ofAmerican Horror Story which will air on August 25.

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