AMD wants cheaper and more autonomous laptops

AMD wants cheaper and more autonomous laptops

As specified The Verge, the company AMD took advantage of Computex 2022 to present a new range of APUs called Mendocino. Either Ryzen Mobile processors engraved in 6 nm which offer better value for money. In any case, this is what AMD points out.

AMD Says Lower Prices

Concretely, the Ryzen 6000 Rembrandt range is there to equip what we could call a little crudely, the top of the basket. While the Mendocino range is made for the entry level and therefore laptops whose price can vary between 400 and 700 dollars. This includes both Windows machines and Chromebooks.

More performance too

The goal is also to redefine the “everyday laptop” to offer 10 hours of battery life. Robert Hallock, AMD Technical Marketing Director explains:

Most people are used to four, five, six hours on a $399 to $699 laptop. At a minimum, we want 10 hours on these laptops.

In short, a better battery for computers under 700 euros. It’s a great promise, especially for students who don’t necessarily have the financial means to pay more (or who don’t want to pay more) for their studies. This doesn’t specifically concern video games, but we wanted to tell you about it on DashFUN, because it’s the kind of information that allows you to better understand the strategy of a large company like AMD. And we also know how expensive buying a PC can be.

The first PCs and Chromebooks equipped with this type of AMD APU should be released in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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