Amazon Prime: the next free games revealed in advance, it’s heavy

Amazon Prime: the next free games revealed in advance, it's heavy

Regardless of the platform, gamers are spoiled at the start of each month. Between PS Plus titles, Xbox Game Pass additions and weekly giveawaysEpic Games Store there is indeed much to do. And for some time now, Amazon Prime subscribers have also been entitled to a handful of free PC games. Good news, we already know those of next month with a few days in advance.

The French leaker Billbil-Kun has indeed revealed in advance the selection of free Amazon Prime Gaming games for September 2022. As usual, there will be something for everyone with two big AAA like independent.

List of Free Amazon Prime Games in September 2022

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins : opus which marked a turning point more RPG in the license. It plunges players into ancient Egypt in the shoes of Bayek, founder of Those Who We Do Not See, the future Brotherhood of Assassins.
  • Soccer Manager 2022 : latest installment of the flagship football simulation. On the program, more realism and new mechanics to prove yourself on the field.
  • Middle earth : Shadow of Mordor (Special Game of the Year Edition): Discover the origin of the Rings of Power, create your legend and confront the evil of Sauron in this game inspired by the Lord of the Rings universe.
  • The Dig : space indie game by Sean Clark created in collaboration with Steven Spielberg. Here, an asteroid the size of a small moon will collide with Earth. A team is then sent to arrest him.
  • Defend the Rook : roguelike with combat mechanics inspired by tactical board games. Everything is combined with elements of tower defense where you will have to survive hordes of enemies.
  • We. The Revolution : play as the judge of the people’s court in a Paris in the midst of a revolution. It’s up to you to participate in political intrigues and pronounce judgments while trying to save your head.
  • Castle on the Coast : platform game with objects to collect featuring George, an adorable little giraffe. The title is playable in coop, where the second player embodies a squirrel.
  • Word of the Law: The Death Mask Collector’s Edition: investigation game putting you in the shoes of an FBISK inspector who will try to get hold of the serial killer who is rampant in the city.

In addition to these free games, Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to grab a whole bunch of content in-game yet undisclosed.

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