Amazon Prime: here are the free games of December, with a great classic

Like every month for a few years now, Amazon Prime Gaming is going to be giving away a handful of free games to subscribers. The December 2022 program has been formalized.

The surprise was spoiled this weekend, but it’s now official. Lately, the service has offered nice gifts like Assassin’s Creed Origins or Fallout New Vegas. It is now the turn of a great classic to be offered. If there will be something for everyone once again, Quake will be the headliner for Amazon Prime Gaming’s December 2022 free games. Here’s the full list:

The Amazon Prime Gaming free games of December 2022

  • Quake : Cult FPS from the 90s that completely revolutionized the genre. Eradicate an ancient evil that threatens humanity, beaming corrupt knights, ogres and an army of monstrous creatures across four dimensions. Go in search of the four magic runes by browsing ancient infested castles, Gothic cathedrals or even military bases where all kinds of monsters swarm.
  • Rose Riddle 2 Werewolf Shadow : independent game where you have to solve the mystery of the Shadow of the Werewolf. As the eponymous detective, journey through a lavish kingdom to collect the evidence needed to solve the crime and stop the disaster before it’s too late.
  • The Amazing American Circus : In this free Amazon Prime Gaming game, you must take charge of your beleaguered circus by managing your camp, your troops and exploring Golden Age America.
  • Banners of Ruin : roguelike deckbuilding game where you must gather your team to answer the call and win the war. Fight through the city and unlock unique abilities to upgrade your characters.
  • Brothers A Tale of Two Sons : first game of Josef Fares (It Takes Two) where you must guide brothers simultaneously in a journey worthy of a fairy tale. Solve puzzles, explore various locations and fight bosses to find the cure that will allow them to cure their father.
  • Spinch : Psychedelic side-scrolling platformer created by award-winning Canadian cartoonist Jesse Jacobs. Play as a hyper-agile organism that wants to save its missing offspring.
  • Desert Child : in this free Amazon Prime Gaming game you must escape the Earth before it explodes. In the shoes of a young hoverbike pilot, go on a bounty hunt, organize races and win the Grand Prix de Mars.
  • Doors Paradox : mysterious adventure in a magical universe where you have to solve puzzles in 3D dioramas. A game that will keep you spellbound for 5 hours.
Amazon Prime Gaming December 2022

Lots of free content in December 2022

These eight free Amazon Prime Gaming games will be available from December 1st. As usual, it will also be possible to recover a whole lot of content for free-to-play and titles of the moment. This includes in-game items for Apex Legends, Madden 23, Fall Guys, Valorant and GTA Online. Also, to celebrate the FIFA World Cup, free content exclusive to Prime members will be available for FIFA 23.

Starting today, players can get 7x Gold Rare Players, 2x Player Pick with OVR 81+, 12x Rare Consumables, and 1x Erling Haaland on loan for 15 matches and 8x Player Pick between two World Cup players. For the rest of the month, here is the entire line-up for the coming weeks. You can collect these beautiful gifts directly on the dedicated page. Note that other content will also be added after these dates.

  • December 1: Grand Theft Auto Online – GTA$125,000
  • December 2: Wild Rift – Random Emote Treasure
  • December 6: Legends of Runeterra – Tier 3 Treasure and Rare Cards
  • December 6: Red Dead Online – Emote and other content
  • December 7: Raid: Shadow Legends – Artifact Pack
  • December 8: Grand Theft Auto Online – GTA$125,000
  • December 13: Two Point Hospital – Hypercube Bundle
  • December 15: Wild Rift – Random Skin Treasure
Amazon Prime Gaming December 2022

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