Alien: the next game from one of the wildest creators in the industry?

Alien: the next game from one of the wildest creators in the industry?

One of the big Alien games in development would have been entrusted to a studio known for its exuberant productions that we owe to a creator definitely like no other.

Will the masterpiece of Alien Isolation make children? We cross our fingers but the Xenomorph should come back with two games, one of which is a little more precise.

An unexpected studio for the Alien franchise

A few hours ago, we shared with you a very credible rumor about the video game return of this iconic pop culture franchise. According to Tom Henderson, Alien Isolation 2 could finally see the light of day, and another game would also be in the cards in parallel.

After digging deeper into the matter, the insider landed some new information. The AAA software, which responds to the code name of “Marathon”, would have been entrusted to… Grasshopper Manufacture. The studio of Goichi Suda aka Suda51. The totally crazy mind behind No More Heroes, Killer is Dead, Lollipop Chainsaw or even Shadow of the Damned.

The games that we make in this studio, I mean the really, really cool, brand new games, we’re going to keep making them. I wonder when will I be able to announce them? Maybe towards the end of the year? I want to hurry up and show everyone what we’re doing.

Via VGC.

Why not a reveal of this game Alien PS5, Xbox Series and surely PC at the Game Awards 2022? A VR title is also in the works.

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