Alien: discover the ranking of the films of the saga


Since 1979, the “Alien” saga continues to fascinate a solid fan base. Here is the ranking of all the films of the saga initiated by Ridley Scott (without counting the “Alien vs Predator”). This classification is obviously subjective, do not hesitate to give us yours.

N ° 6 – Alien: Covenant

Directed in 2017 by Ridley Scott, this continuation of Prometheus is undoubtedly the least successful opus of the whole saga. Ridley Scott had promised a homecoming, with Xenomorphs more violent and bloodthirsty than ever. And it is true that the filmmaker offers some pleasurable flights of graphic violence. It is certainly the most gory part of the whole saga, without contest. And once again, the director offers a superb visual approach, and a magnificent photograph.

Alien: Covenant © 20th Century Fox

Unfortunately, Alien: Covenant is maybe the worst-written movie of the entire franchise. Already, the filmmaker uses his Xenomorphs as a springboard for action, and not as horrific springs (apart from a few rare sequences). Then, and above all, the story does not fully hold up. Ridley Scott takes the old clichés of the franchise that he lazily readjustes, whether in the materialization of the first contact, or in the unfolding of his intrigue sewn in white thread. Similarly, the director takes his saga more and more in a religious approach a little heavy and already initiated in Prometheus.

N ° 5 – Alien 3

In 1992, David Fincher takes over the queens of the saga and directs Alien 3. Director encountered a lot of difficulties during the production of his work. Alien 3 is his first feature film, even before Seven and Fight Club. Today, David Fincher hates this movie. Whether it’s the final rendering or his experience as a filmmaker. Just hearing his name gets him mad.

Alien 3
Alien 3 © 20th Century Fox

However, despite its production problems (budget overrun, scenario that changes constantly, etc.), Alien 3 exudes a real will to do well. David Fincher wanted to move away from James Cameron’s vision for reconnect with the atmosphere of the first film. Thus, he signs a sort of disguised remake of the Eighth passenger. However, David Fincher sought to offer a brilliant tribute to this cult license. With this return to fundamentals, the filmmaker offers in any case the darkest opus of the quadrilogy, in particular through an ultra pessimistic conclusion.

N ° 4 – Prometheus

In 2012, Ridley Scott decides to take over the queens of the franchise Alien. Initially, the 20th Century Fox was working with Neill Blomkamp on a Alien 5. But Ridley Scott demanded the cancellation of the project to make Prometheus. The director takes everyone back in this new proposition. Here, no Xenomorph on the screen, and a timeline that takes place before the events of the first movie. Worn by Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, the feature film is responsible for explaining the origins of the saga Alien.

David (Michael Fassbender) – Prometheus © 20th Century Fox

If the film is visually stunning, the convoluted scenario serves the work. Ridley Scott gets lost in his horrific new proposition and finally brings more questions than answers. Unfortunately, the plot of Prometheus is diluted in expected and sloppy situations. We will obviously remember the stupid death of Charlize Theron or the sometimes senseless actions of scientists. There are many examples. However, Ridley Scott tried to offer something else to his sci-fi franchise, in particular by looking back at the usual themes of the license. And then, aesthetically, the film is simply sumptuous.

N ° 3 – Alien, The Resurrection

In 1997, the French Jean-Pierre Jeunet is responsible for concluding the horrific saga Alien. The filmmaker has the difficult task of succeeding David Fincher and his radical end. He must therefore find a credible way to bring Sigourney Weaver back into the equation. For the occasion, the director hires actors he knows well, namely Ron Perlman and Dominique Pinon. Also note the presence of Winona Ryder.

Alien, the Resurrection
Alien, The Resurrection © 20th Century Fox

With The resurrection, Jean-Pierre Jeunet appropriates the codes of the saga. He signs a personal film, takes again his clichés, his own clichés to sign a work very anchored in his career. For a big budget American blockbuster, the director has imposed his style, and his personality in the product. This is one of the examples where the artist is not sanitized under the Hollywood steamroller. Even if the footage has flaws, especially in terms of writing, and through a wobbly conclusion, it is necessary to underline the effort of Jeunet to offer a personal and impacting film.

N ° 2 –…

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