Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX review (Nintendo Switch)


Appeared on the eShop in 2019 via the SEGA Ages range, Alex Kidd’s first pripties are like other somewhat aged games from the blue hedgehog firm: they are dusting off. It is a Spanish studio, Jankenteam, that returned the pleasure of modernizing a platform game considered a classic of the Master System and the 80s. But, like the women of that time , Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX succeeds in amalgamating authority and charm?

Charm, we can say, this “remake” does not lack. The graphic redesign and the artistic proposal of the small team of developers is undoubtedly an appetizing appetite, as much to hook nostalgic players as to bring the uninitiated to the adventures of the first mascot of SEGA. The new ultra cute look is accompanied by frankly successful animations for our hero with the big ears. The united backgrounds give way to truly magnificent landscapes allowing at first glance to understand what type of environment we find ourselves in. The variety so clearly present, we can say that we cross the forts, castles, deserts, and other villages besieged for the pleasure of the eyes. The ears are also entitled to new arrangements which make the original compositions, difficult to forget, even more catchy. For a, we can speak of a faultless.

Kidd of both of us

Supposed to present itself as the response of the firm stronger than you to Super Mario Bros. from Nintendo (and having been started as a Dragon Ball game), Alex Kidd in Miracle World may have left some fond memories. Its atmosphere, its funny history, its quirks … The most nostalgic will surely be happy to know that you can go back to the original game at any time, a bit retouched, by pressing a dedicated button, just to dive back into the juice of the time. Still, some relics will have difficulty convincing. The maneuverability ofAlex Kidd in Miracle World DX done in absolute fidelity. And it is she who pulls, in part, this 2D platformer down.

Unlike the plumber, Alex is heavy, stiff. The very peculiar maneuverability and the way in which the blocks hit, enemies kill with a fist the limit stretch or dodge and freeze dodge prevents progress in a smooth and flowing manner. We advance in the 17 levels in small steps. Except knowing it by heart. And even. The fairly slippery movements, the slight input lag, and the capricious jumps demand an insane focus and finger that inglorious portions and alas discourage. The aquatic sections alone can be worth a prescription for anti-depressants over 3 months. Unlike Mario, Alex is violently pushed by Archimedes and goes up, too quickly, like a magnet by the surface, if one does not go downwards. We hammer to try to maintain the right height, while giving a direction to move forward … When that happens, we wonder if we have not been especially lucky. The imprecise hitboxes of the enemies, which one cannot pit, like certain freelancers (very special mention to the clear ones, simply scandalous) were made to disgust. And let’s not even talk about bugs forcing relaunch. Present yourself as a boss by floating on a magic stick, to see.

The journey oxidizing

For those who will put up with this humiliating harshness and will seek despite everything to progress to the good little dish (an onigri or another dish of your choice) rewarding the crossing of an internship, there will remain reasons for satisfaction. The variety of phases, thanks to fragile vehicles in the Flappy Bird style. Items that can allow ranged attacks, theft or temporary invincibility, which can be worn in pairs. The basic boss fights of Stone-Leaf-Scissors, even if the surprise quickly gives way to annoyance, since it concerns them all – before moving on from the fight a little more basic and revised compared to the original -, even the simple weariness once an object allowing to know the opposing choice in our possession. In addition, saving the current level and the right to opt for a reservoir of infinite lives, which does not prevent a little long loading to respawn before the missed segment, will put a little ointment. And if you haven’t had enough, the 1986 game without editing, in 4: 3, and a Boss Rush Mode, only (meager) bonuses unlocked after a victorious run, will have quickly put you back in the rough. But if that’s what you wanted …

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