AI: for Nvidia, artificial intelligence represents a danger

AI: for Nvidia, artificial intelligence represents a danger

Once again the AI ​​is talking about it. This is a statement from tech giant Nvidia. Explanations.

AI has been on everyone’s lips for a few months. Between his foray into art, his textual presence via ChatGPT, and his ability to help create manga, there’s something for everyone. This seems to be indeed an interesting support to help the human but it also poses some problems. This is also the whole problem of the day as underlined by the tech giant, Nvidia.

Nvidia talks about AI

Nvidia is not opposed to the use of artificial intelligence since it is the very foundation of some of its technologies, such as DLSS (deep learning super sampling) or Nvidia Broadcast and the new management of look through the use of a webcam. However, the giant wants to raise awareness of the importance of this area and the potential dangers that this entails.

Thus, while an event was organized in Sweden to announce the update of the supercomputer Berzelius using the latest AI systems of the manufacturer, Jensen Huang, big boss of Nvidia, wanted to give a warning to his audience :

If you take a step back and think about all the things in life that are practical in use, essential, or wonderful to society, it probably also has the potential for harm..

What is the social norm for using AI? What are the legal standards for its use? Everything is changing right now. The fact that we all talk about it puts us in a good posture.

In this context, Huang said engineering standards bodies should set standards for building safe AI systems, similar to how medical bodies set rules for the safe practice of medicine.

What do you think of the words of the boss of Nvidia?

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