AI: Angry artists blame Epic for this “art” form

In recent months, art generated by AI has experienced a real boom. And necessarily that does not please the real artists. This is what we can learn.

The presence of art that is generated by AI on the ArtStation platform is causing a real outcry among artists and a real outcry. And it is not the recent declaration of Epic, owner of the platform which will improve things.

Artists no longer want AI on ArtStation

You have surely been able to realize it for a few months, AI specialists in the art offer quite impressive results. Clearly enough, to overshadow the real artists who do everything “by hand” as they say. Artists’ concerns also relate to the legal and ethical implications of AI-created art, which has recently appeared in waves on ArtStation’s homepage. Artists from all sectors, many of whom work in games, are therefore indignant and we can understand them.

Epic has since released a statement which ultimately only fan the flames of anger a little more:

ArtStation’s content guidelines do not prohibit the use of AI in the artwork publishing process. ArtStation is a portfolio platform designed to elevate and celebrate originality powered by a community of artists. Works in your portfolio must be works created by you and we encourage you to be transparent in the process. Please only post works that you own or have permission to post.

In short, no ban on the program on the side of Epic concerning AI when that is what the artists are asking for. So much so that as reported Kotaku, the entire homepage of the site is sometimes overwhelmed with anti-AI visuals. See instead:

AI: Angry artists blame Epic for this "art" form

Epic won’t remove AI, but the company goes on to explain that it’s considering steps to give artists “even more control” over how their work is used. It remains to be seen what form this will take.

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