Age of Mythology: the famous license finally back, fans overjoyed

Age of Mythology: the famous license finally back, fans overjoyed

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the saga, Microsoft wants to hit hard by offering what seems to be a definitive Edition for Age of Mythology.

We think we are dreaming but it is nevertheless very real. The excellent RTS AOM returns from the dead in an edition called Age of Mythology Retold. Be careful, however, before getting too excited, it should be a Definitive Edition and not a complete remake.

Age of Mythology returns from the dead

The official announcement was made on the social networks of the license:

The gods will return. Heroes will rise. The legends will fight.

AOM: Retold is coming.

Bringing the Definitive Edition treatment to AOM, the game will deliver beautiful graphics, updated gameplay, and more. Stay tuned… #AoE25 ⚡?

Note that we already had the right to Age of Mythology: Extended Edition a few years ago, so we hope that this new version will bring bigger changes than a few more lighting effects. With why not let’s be crazy, the equivalent of a complete remaster. We will indeed stop on this sentence “great graphics” which has something to think about the scope of this Definitive Edition.

This announcement follows this statement from 2021 which explained that Microsoft had not forgotten the license.

Adam Isgreen, Creative Director for AoE IV explained:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I haven’t forgotten Age of Mythology.

For the record, AOM is considered in many respects to be a cult RTS, in particular by offering three civilizations: the Greeks, the Scandinavians and the Egyptians and all the mythological bestiary that goes with it. It was also an opportunity to relive great Greek stories through the single-player campaign.

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