After Silent Hill 2, towards The Medium 2 or Observer 2? The studio responds!

After Silent Hill 2, towards The Medium 2 or Observer 2? The studio responds!

The Bloober Team studio is in the oven and in the mill. Within the Polish studio, the teams are working on the remake of Silent Hill 2 which will include big changes, a new concept with Layers of Fears and even a new franchise. And then ? The Medium 2 or Observer 2?

Are The Medium 2 and/or Observer 2 planned?

In an interview for Gaming Bolt, Bloober Team was asked about a possible start of The Medium 2 or Observer 2 in the future. What about? Everything is possible according to Kacper Michalski, head of production at Bloober Team.

Who knows. If we find a good idea to return to the universe of Observer or The Medium, then why not? Everything is possible.

Via Gaming Bolt.

If Kacper Michalski is not secretive, these suites are not yet in development, but the door is not closed. Observer is one of the games, if not THE Bloober Team game, that has won the most unanimous support from players. A title that immersed us in a cyberpunk universe in 2084 where we entered the minds of suspects to pick up clues to advance our investigation.

As for The Medium, the story told the fate of a medium, Marianne, who goes to a run-down hotel after receiving a mysterious call. The app stood out for its dual reality where actions in the supernatural world could affect reality. Before a potential sequel, The Medium will have a television series under the control of the producer of The Witcher Netflix.

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