After GTA 6, 2K Games hacked! Pay close attention to malware

After GTA 6, 2K Games hacked! Pay close attention to malware

Attacks against industry players follow one another. 2K Games has announced that it has been hacked and it is the users who pay the price.

After Rockstar and GTA 6, it’s 2K Games’ turn to be hacked. No leaked games or stolen source code this time. It was the personal data of the players who were in the line of fire. Here’s what we know about this attack and how to protect yourself from possible hacks.

2K Games hacked, how to avoid malware?

The attacks on the big names in video games continue. After the historic hack leading to the GTA 6 leaks, it’s the turn of another Take Two Interactive publisher to have been targeted by a hacker: 2K Games. The company responsible for Borderlands, NBA 2K22 and Marvel’s Midnight Suns has announced that the database of one of its partners has been compromised.

We have learned that an unauthorized individual has illegally accessed the credentials of one of our vendors to the support platform that 2K uses to support its customers.In other words, the hacker has the personal information of several thousand players. The objective is the same as usual: to attack them directly. 2K Games explains that several people have already received an email allegedly sent by the publisher containing a malicious link.

The American firm therefore recommends that its customers do not open any of its emails until further notice. In this case, do not click on any link contained therein. If the information reached you too late, 2K Games explains that it is imperative to modify all the passwords saved on your browser. The activation of double authentication on its accounts is also strongly recommended. You must also scan your computer with an antivirus to check that no malware has nested there.

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