After Fortnite, Dragon Ball Super arrives in PUBG Mobile

Right now it’s really party time for Dragon Ball fans. Between collaborations with video games, movies… There’s something for everyone.

PUBG Mobile therefore announces with great fanfare via its social networks and via press release the arrival of a collaboration between one of the most famous Battle Royale and Dragon Ball Super.

Another meeting between Battle Royale and Dragon Ball

After the collaboration with Fortnite launched earlier this month, this is still the second Battle Royale to benefit from Toriyama’s work. The information is for the moment quite scanty but we can still admire the poster of the film Dragon Ball Super Super Hero. Which suggests being able to find characters or elements of the scenario inside the game. But in what form?

PUBG Mobile, a great ally of Animes

This is not the first time that the title PUBG Mobile takes hold of an animated title of great renown since we have already had the right to Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jujutsu Kaisen and Arcane. As you can see in the screenshot below, this was all about giving players the ability to play around with character skins.

PUBG  Mobile

It should therefore be the same here with why not the possibility of playing Piccolo, Son Goku or even Bulma. This should in any case flatter DBS fans who have had good opportunities for a few months to be happy.

In short, answer in 2023 (or a little before if the developers are not too stingy with information).

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