Activision wants to revolutionize the music of our multiplayer games

Activision wants to revolutionize the music of our multiplayer games

Music in a video game is an essential concept and being well aware of this, Activision wishes to revolutionize it in multiplayer games.

As reported by the site expute, Activision is looking to disrupt the music in our multiplayer games by patenting a technology that automatically generates a unique soundtrack for each player. the patent in question is called “Systems and methods for dynamically generating and modulating music based on game events, player profiles and/or player reactions“. Yes, it’s an extended name that gives its full description and usefulness in its title.

Unique music for all according to Activision

The idea is that players, especially in multiplayer games, will then be able to hear their own unique soundtracks depending on the situation in play. For example, imagine a song that accelerates in a moment of tension or at contrary which becomes slower in case of lull on the screen. So, rather than a standard dynamic soundtrack, an AI could generate entirely new music.

If this technology can be interesting, this raises several questions: does it not risk killing the profession of video game music composer? And above all, won’t this cause the musical composition as a whole to lose its charm? A key piece in the appreciation of a title, whether multiplayer or not, is also its music. There is therefore a risk, if it is not well done, of ending up with soulless musical compositions that no longer have any real interest.

What do you think of this strange patent from Activision? Do you think this could harm the music in the video game as a whole?

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