Abandoned: Hideo Kojima is fed up and lets it know

Abandoned: Hideo Kojima is fed up and lets it know

Wrongly associated with the ghost project of Abandoned, Hideo Kojima came out of silence to express his annoyance at the situation. Blue Box Game Studios does not claim to have orchestrated the buzz.

It’s been a long time since we had a new episode of the soap opera Abandoned. This time, it is Hideo Kojima who speaks about this “project” and his alleged involvement which has never been founded.

Hideo Kojima annoyed to be associated with Abandoned

In 2021, a teaser for a horror game surfaced, Abandoned, developed by a studio unknown to the battalion. Some believed the title was a new trick by Hideo Kojima. Even though there was absolutely no evidence to make this connection. The little game lasted for many months and it did not please the creator of Metal Gear and Death Stranding who received tons of messages about it daily.

Users kept sending me pictures of this “Hasan” (note: Hasan Karaman, boss of Blue Box Game Studios behind Abandoned). They still send me montages and deep fakes, about twenty a day, it was really very painful. When we did that thing with Moby Dick (note: a fake studio for the announcement of MGS 5: The Phantom Pain, you were involved Geoff (Editor’s note: Geoff Keighley), and it was kind of fun, but people should know I wouldn’t do the same thing twice. I never spoke with Hasan, the game hasn’t been released yet. I don’t think he can say or do much at this point. But if he releases the game, maybe people will understand, so maybe he should hurry to release it.

Hideo Kojima in his Brain Structure Podcast (via VGC).

Hurry to release it, yes, but the game would still have to exist. But there will surely never be anything like all the other times… Indeed, Hasan Karaman is not at his first attempt and has a heavy history. To make it very short, the young man has a history of scamming with projects that never come to fruition, and would have even manipulated and tried to scam players separately by talking to them privately. Including a miner who must have been easily impressed by Hasan’s promises.

Blue Box Game Studios acts as if nothing had happened…

Seeing Hideo Kojima’s response, Blue Box Game Studios magically reappeared to thank Hideo Kojima for ending the wild theories, and asking players to stop harassing the Japanese developer.

We want to thank Hideo Kojima for openly addressing the conspiracies. It hasn’t been cool and it’s been a burden on fans and developers. We hope everyone can definitely move on. We are hard at work on Abandoned and we want to thank you for your patience. Also, we ask fans to stop harassing Hideo Kojima about Abandoned. This is neither acceptable nor fun.

Fine words relatively underhanded insofar as Blue Box Game Studios does indeed have a very large share of responsibility in all this, since the company created and fueled the conspiracies. We recall that the company had, among other things, launched a teaser to guess the final name of their game which was to start with S and end with an L… like Silent Hill.

Subsequently, BBGS also published a blurry photo of a character with an eye patch that looked like Big Boss from the Metal Gear saga. Another time, an image of an Icelandic landscape was posted on the studio’s YouTube page, in reference to Death Stranding. Almost all the time, messages were deleted after a certain time. And that oil was thrown on the fire even as the entity’s very murky past began to resurface.

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