Abandoned: A development temporarily stopped?

Abandoned: A development temporarily stopped?

Abandoned is a title with a heavy liability. Hasan Kahraman, the founder of Blue Box Game Studios, had also raised doubts about the title of his studio, leaving fans in total limbo regarding a possible sequel to Silent Hill or a larger-scale staging at the Joakim Mogren with Metal Gear Solid V.

The Phantom Pain?

Information from our colleagues at gamespot report that the development of Abandoned is going through some turmoil and that at this stage there would be no games at this time.

Pretty strong allegations corroborated by testimonies from people from the company’s private discord. Indeed, the members of said private server had to sign NDAs (Editor’s note: non-disclosure agreement) not to disclose information concerning the title and in return Kahraman had to share content such as images or even the script of Abandoned.

Kahraman would therefore have, still according to our colleagues, been dishonest with the fans present on the server. Indeed, the latter gave dates or revelations about the game that were to be announced, but nothing happened.

The man at the head of the studio would have privately said this:

is on hiatus, there is first need to fund development with a playable prologue”

According to sources close to Gamespot, Kahraman would not be in a hurry to work on it, preferring to play Rainbow Six Siege with members of the Discord server until late at night.

The prologue above all for Abandoned

Of course, the studio has refuted all its allegations to our colleagues from PC Gamerindicating that development is ongoing and preferring to blame angry fans who haven’t seen the game.

The FAQ on the official site from the studio corroborates what has been said above. The prologue will indeed finance the further development of the game.

This is also reminiscent of a certain Ground Zeroes and its paid prologue, to stay a little in the Hideo Kojima theme.

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