A VPN for your video games? Here are all the benefits!

A movie or series available exclusively on the Spanish or Canadian version of Netflix. A football World Cup match broadcast unencrypted in France but inaccessible on the broadcaster’s online service, during a short weekend in Portugal, because of geolocation. VSis talking to you?

This kind of inconvenience menu can already be resolved through the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network or Virtual Private Network in the language of Molière). But if ever you didn’t know, for video games too, owning a VPN turns out to be very useful! And with the great offer offered by NordVPN on the occasion of Black Fridayit is rather clever to know why!

A VPN for your video games? Here are all the benefits!
For Black Friday, Nord VPN is offering a -68% offer + 3 months free on the 2-year subscription.

Take advantage of the best price on the market… worldwide!

Between the various European, American and Japanese online stores, there is first of all a major difference: that of the catalogue. Indeed, sales platforms for consoles and PCs do not all offer the same games, nor… the same prices. Thus, by using a VPN that will generate the IP address of the most advantageous geographical area for the purchase of your game, you will expand your toy library at a lower cost. And so also with titles missing from your local store!

A VPN for your video games? Here are all the benefits!
NordVPN, the assurance of a private network, to play safely.

Play in the best conditions

Beta versions or online games, especially Asian ones, are often reserved for their own territory. With NordVPN, you know you can access it, but on top of that you benefit from a private network, as close as possible to the game servers. The advantage is obvious: almost non-existent latency and optimum response times. This is also the benefit of having access to dedicated and totally secure servers, so that you can never be the target of hackers. The mesh network that makes your Wi-Fi coverage as good as possible, as well as Anti-threat protection, are available for free via NordVPN. It’s already Christmas!

Come on, you still have a little room for the log with the split tunneling option which offers you the possibility of protecting your chosen applications in the virtual network.

NordVPN is therefore obviously multi-advantage, and therefore also for video games. For Black Friday, there is an offer not to be missed: -68% + 3 months free on the 2-year subscription!

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