A Plague Tale: will we have the right to a third game?

A Plague Tale Requiem is officially available since October 18 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series and this one turns out to be a little gem. Moreover, if it is not already done, we advise you to read our TEST on the question. Under these conditions we are entitled to wonder if a third episode is planned.

In Plague Tale 3?

In an interview on the PlayStation Blog, a communicator asked director Kevin Choteau if Requiem represented another chapter in an ongoing story and if there was the possibility that it could be the door open for a whole new game. He answers:

I think, for now, it’s the end. But the door is never closed, and we will see the reception of the players. We want to see their reaction before deciding anything. They run our production, and if they don’t like what we’ve done, we have to do something else.

A very sincere answer with a real awareness of the need for good reception from the players. The episode A Plague Tale Innocence was a great success with more than a million copies sold in 1 year. It remains to be seen what will happen to this one. For now, sales are in any case very good on Steam since the game climbed into the top 3 of the best-selling games on the Valve platform. We will see if this is also the case on PlayStation and Xbox.

Sales of A Plague Tale: Requiem on Steam
Sales of A Plague Tale: Requiem on Steam

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