A new Pokemon revealed and it’s already dividing fans

A new Gen 9 Pokemon has just been revealed. Inspired by the aye-aye of Madagascar, the design of this first Poison/Normal creature is winning over fans.

Casually, November 18 is approaching at great speed and Nintendo is continuing its communication campaign around Pokemon Scarlet / Purple. After a small teaser of a few days, the developers revealed one of the new creatures of the games. It is far from unanimous.

A new Pokemon from Scarlet & Violet unveiled

As tradition dictates, the Paldea region will be home to new creatures. Some have already been unveiled through the various trailers and each revelation does not fail to react to the oh so passionate community. If some were unanimous like Pohm the little mouse or Pâtachiot, this is not the case for TagTag. Freshly announced with its own CGI trailer, this new Pokemon is dividing fans.

Of poison and normal type, a great first, this nocturnal Venom Monkey of 0.7 cm for 27.2 kg rages at nightfall. Covering its fingers with its poisonous saliva, this new Pokemon paints patterns on the trees in its territory. A tactic that attracts its Insect-type congeners who then find themselves paralyzed. In combat, he can learn the Unloading or Toxitouch talents.

But it’s not so much his features that fans dwell on but his appearance, based on an aye-aye. Some find it simply hideous, ugly, unsightly, the terms fuse everywhere on social networks and Reddit. Others believe that it is cute as anything, that its design is very well worked or even one of the most inspired lately. As usual with the Pokemon community, the reactions are always very strong. It’s up to you to choose on November 18 if you want to integrate him into your team or not.

Pokemon Scarlet & Purple
Pokemon Purple & Scarlet

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