A 24% discount on the Samsung Odyssey G9 PC gamer screen!

A 24% discount on the Samsung Odyssey G9 PC gamer screen!

In terms of PC gamers screens, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is a reference model. With a curved screen and impeccable image quality, it is currently on sale on Amazon.

Indeed, the e-commerce giant offers a surprising discount on the purchase of this jewel of technology. If you want to enhance your PC gaming experience, we highly recommend taking advantage of this mind blowing promo. Go quickly and order the Samsung Odyssey G9 before it’s too late!

A tempting promotion for Christmas

Amazon decides to offer a 24% discount on the Samsung Odyssey G9 just before Christmas. The e-merchant offers many PC screens for gamers at attractive prices. But this model from Samsung is by far the best. Sold at an initial price of 1,399 euros, it is available today at only 1,059 euros on Amazon.

And yet, this model is recent, but also very powerful. This is a high-end screen, which has all the features that one would like to have in such a machine.

Samsung Odyssey G9: the ultimate model for gamers

With its 49-inch curved screen, this PC screen for gamers offers an excellent field of vision. It is perfect for playing all types of games, especially car simulation. With its refresh rate of 240 Hz, it is difficult to do better in terms of fluidity. In combination with its 1 ms latency time, you will be immersed in the heart of the action, for an extraordinary gaming experience.

And thanks to its compatibility with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology, you will no longer suffer from image dropouts. On the connectivity side, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is equipped with a Displayport port, as well as an HDMI port. Thus, you will be able to connect your PC and your PS5 console to it at the same time. With its 5120×1440 pixel resolution, the Samsung Odyssey G9 will bring out the best in PS5 games.

Considering its highly advanced features as well as the 27% discount on Amazon, we can only recommend you to buy it! At only 1,059 euros, it’s hard to find better.

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