8K: will Europe ban you from playing it on your consoles?

8K: will Europe ban you from playing it on your consoles?

If the 8K definition (7680 x 4320 pixels) is for the moment far from being democratized, for lack of suitable content this has obviously not prevented many manufacturers from rushing into the breach and offering many screens TV and even some monitors.

Will Europe ban you from 8K?

In March 2021, Europe changed the energy labeling regulations. This small label that you can find on the box of your devices when shopping. Thus each label gives an indication of the electricity consumption in kWh for 1000 hours. Well, Europe wants to go further in 2023 and propose a new scale called the Energy Efficiency Index. The latter would add a maximum energy consumption not to be exceeded. Do you see where we are coming from? 8K clearly has some issues to worry about.

Indeed, the energy specialist FlatpanelHD therefore calculated the maximum EEI of different TV sizes. And according to these calculations, the 8K TVs on the market in 2022 greatly exceed the recommendations and the legislation that wishes to be put in place. It will therefore be necessary for manufacturers to be able to offer less energy-consuming televisions or for the scale to be able to evolve because as it stands, it will simply be impossible to market 8K TVs in Europe.

It is therefore not for now that we will be able to play in 8K even if 4K is not yet present in all homes anyway.

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