100 free Ubisoft games on PC, but we’ll have to act fast

100 free Ubisoft games on PC, but we'll have to act fast

The good plans never end in this summer period. While the free games of theEpic Games Store and Amazon Prime Gaming are known, the e-commerce giant joins forces with Ubisoft and hits hard. Almost the entire catalog of the French publisher is free, but inevitably there is a condition to be met.

100 free Ubisoft games thanks to Amazon Prime

Want to play Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six and Anno? Or even discover great classics or the latest Ubisoft licenses without spending a penny? It is possible, but only for Amazon Prime members. As part of its gaming offer, the American behemoth is giving PC players a nice gift: a free week of Ubisoft +, the French publisher’s on-demand game service.

However, this trial period may seem very short given the Ubisoft catalog. It will indeed give access to more than 100 games, including the most recent such as Immortals Fenyx Rising, Rainbow Six Extraction, Riders Republic and others. Strangely, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla does not seem to appear with this trial version. All games are available in their Gold or Ultimate versions, i.e. they contain all expansions and other bonus content. The icing on the cake, the Amazon Prime code for Ubisoft+ disables automatic renewal by default. No nasty surprises in case of forgetting.

How to access the 100 free games from Ubisoft? Just go to the dedicated Amazon Prime Gaming page to claim his code and register it on the publisher’s service. Note that it will be necessary to have a Ubi account and that the progress of each game will be kept. While the offer is for a limited time, Amazon hasn’t said when it will end. Better hurry then!

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