10 Disney villains who don’t die by the end of the movie


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While most Disney villains are punished by fatal death, some do a little better than others. Back on 10 antagonists to whom the artists of the famous studio have chosen to save their lives.

Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

1. Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

If we had not seen him reappear in Peter Pan 2 (released in theaters 50 years after the first opus), we could have expressed some doubts about the state of health of Captain Hook. Indeed, after having fallen from the top of his ship, at the end of a merciless duel against his worst enemy, the formidable pirate found himself making the big gap between the jaws of the crocodile who had pelted his hand, and who seemed determined to finish his meal.

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A huge rock on the nose for the witch to Snow White, a harpoon strike for Ursula in The Little Mermaid, a mortal fall for Gaston in Beauty and the Beast or for Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a hanging for Clayton in Tarzan …

In the animated feature films of the famous Disney studios, most of the antagonists pay for their crimes by being killed at the end of the film. Yet even if their fate is not enviable, some villains manage to save their lives. From Crochet to Jafar via Cruella, return on 10 villains who survive at the end.

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